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Amadeus E-I
19 rue Martin
76320 Caudebec lès Elbeuf
RCS 424 722 379, APE 514S

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Amadeus proposes the purchase, the sale and the restoration of the leather clubchair to you.

The leather easychair leather and the settee club leather in all their states are presented to you on this site. You will find as well according to stock leather easychair studded, small or large of the Twenties at the Sixties restored or not.

With the leather easychair all the styles of furniture marry with wonder, that it is modern, old or art déco.

After your visit, do not hesitate to join to us by e-mail to make known itself your waitings. Indeed, we can address to you by postal mail or e-mail the various models of leather easychairs available to the purchase in this moment.